Fabric Guide


Commercial Sewing offers various fabric materials and coatings designed to protect a variety of outdoor marine and power sport equipment. The development team is consistently working with suppliers to innovate the line of Outer Armor covers, enclosures, and accessories to stand up against the harshest outdoor elements that our clients appreciate. The primary fabric used in the manufacturing of outdoor power sports and marine equipment covers is solution-dyed polyester as it has many benefits over other types of fabrics. We ensure the fabrics we use are properly treated for water repellency, ultra violet exposure, mold resistance, and are constructed to have excellent tear and abrasion resistance.

100% Solution Dyed Filament Polyester

  • Light Weight / High Performance
  • Solvent based coating
  • High UV and mildew/mold Resistance
  • Highly Water Resistant
  • Excellent Tear and Abrasion Resistance
  • Non-abrasive on marine gel-coat finishes
  • Easy to clean from dirt, dust, to stains.

“Standard” Solution-Dyed Polyester

Commercial Sewing’s 7-ounce fabric is a 600 Denier Filament Woven Solution Dyed Polyester with an EPA regulated water repellent treatment specially formulated with a “Gel Coat Friendly” urethane coating. “Solution-Dyed” means the color is introduced at the Filament extrusion process resulting in equal UV color fade resistance to Acrylic Polyester fabrics. The important characteristics it has over an Acrylic Polyester fabric are the following:

  • 2-1/2 times higher hydrostatic water resistance.
  • 3 times higher tear strengths in the warp direction; 5 times higher in the fill direction.
  • 65% higher tensile strength in the warp direction; 80% higher in the fill direction.
  • Dimensionally stable – 0% shrink or stretch with rebound memory – Acrylic has 3% stretch without rebound.
  • 20% lighter weight – easy to pack & store.
  • 20%+ higher Abrasion Resistance eliminating the need for any reinforcements.

“Balance Weave” Solution-Dyed Polyester

The added benefits of the Balance Weave versus the Standard solution-dyed polyester are a tighter 8-ounce weave which adds strength and enhances the surface water repellency for improved performance and longevity. The majority of outdoor canvas products for marine and power sports use this fabric for covers. The enhanced benefits are the following:

  • Lower surface tension that allows smaller beads of water to run off the cover at a faster rate.
  • Increase water repellency making it 3-1/2 to 4 times greater than acrylic polyester.
  • 3 to 4 times more durable allowing protection for a much longer period of time.

“Series 70” Solution-Dyed Polyester

The Series 70 fabric was developed out of the need for a stronger and longer-lasting solution for bimini tops. The Series 70 fabric has all the same benefits as the Balance Weave with the exception that is a heavier 10-ounce product that is designed for longer outdoor exposure and active use on bimini tops as well as the repetitive installation of cockpit and bow covers. It is also recommended to customers looking for covers in lighter colors, such as shades of gray.


Sunbrella®, manufactured by Glen Raven Inc., is an acrylic-based fabric with many of the same benefits as the polyester fabric products with a few minor differences. Sunbrella® is manufactured in a variety of options and is well-known for applications with interior upholstery, marine canvas, and outdoor shades and upholsteries. The marine-grade outdoor canvas from Sunbrella® used in our products is a 10-ounce+ acrylic-based fabric that promotes moisture, within the cockpit of a boat, to escape over time. The fabric is treated with water repellency and is mold and UV resistant. The fabric needs to be re-treated periodically to maintain its water repellency; especially after cleanings.

Transportation Cover Material

Our shipping covers were specifically designed at the request of our customers to transport and store the finished product in the yard while also being able to show the boat periodically. Our transportation covers are installed within 10 minutes by two people and are an improved alternative to other transportation materials that require heat shrinking and longer installation times.

The transport material is made from a non-abrasive polyethylene coated needle felt that is constructed with welded seams for complete waterproofing. It comes in a variety of weights from 5-ounce to 8-ounce pending the products being transported and longevity required. It is very versatile for long-haul highway transportation and can be given to the consumer as a temporary winter storage cover.