Transport Shipping Covers


Our shipping covers were specifically designed to accommodate OEM and dealers’ requests to transport and store finished product in the yard while being able to show the boat periodically. This ‘lean’ initiative allows covers to be installed quickly by one or two people and can be removed and reinstalled without compromise. It is very versatile for long-haul highway transportation and can be given to the consumer as a temporary winter storage cover.



  • Non-abrasive 6.5 oz. polyethylene coated needle felt Polypropylene
  • Designed for a specific model fit
  • One-Man easy installation within 15 minutes
  • Completely reusable, allowing for easy reopening of the boat if needed
  • Cover can be completely removed for dealer boat inspection and easily reinstalled for proper storage. No heat shrinking or bubble wrap required
  • Eliminates the use of an open flame in the factory
  • Eliminates warranty claims for damaged interiors or gel coat
  • Easy install Anti-pooling and twin 200# Ratchet Webbing System
  • Patented Vacu-Hold® Strapless Trailering System that eliminates billowing and buffeting and conforms to the shape of the boat.
  • Trailerable forward/backward up to a 20-degree angle
  • Waterproof welded seams
  • Can be given to the retail customer for off-season storage




Sample Transport Cover