OuterArmor by Commercial Sewing designs and manufactures transport covers for some of the largest boat manufacturers in the world as an alternative to “plastic wrapping” boats. Our transport covers have many benefits over the plastic wrapping method such as one-person easy installation, the ability to be re-used, ability to withstand harsh cold and warm climates and can handle highway speeds. There are a few tricks to help make installation and transportation a success.

OuterArmor by Commercial Sewing designed its transportation covers with a highly durable polyethylene material shield that is water-proof welded seams and is lined with a soft layer to help protect the boat and its gelcoat finish.  Each boat cover is designed as a perfect fit and has integrated strapless Vacu-Hold® vents that reduce billowing and buffeting and maintain conformity to the shape of the boat. In order to achieve an adequate cover seal, the dual built-in ratchets must be tensioned properly on both sides of the boat and should be checked for further tensioning once the boat is in place on the semi-trailer as the cover may shift. Commercial Sewing provides pre-set torque wrenches to all of our transport cover customers to help ensure the proper tensioning of the ratchets.

We also highly recommend that trucking companies check the tensioning of the covers during stops on long hauls.  Commercial Sewing has developed a simple instructional poster to help factory employees who are responsible for installing the transport covers as well as an instructional video (thanks to Yamaha) for tips on achieving the perfectly installed cover. We welcome you to review our most recent materials here to help your team with transport installation.


If you are a current transport cover customer and would like a customized installation poster and video or a set of pre-set torque wrenches, please contact us at CS@commercialsewing.com.

If you are interested in having our design team develop transport covers for your boat line, please connect with our sales team at Sales@CommercialSewing.com for more information.