Many people believe that a motorcycle goes around corners by leaning. Although this is true to some extent, the motorcycle leans into corners much quicker and more effectively by steering. You may already be doing this but do not realize it since steering is very minimal.

To steer around a left-hand corner, it only makes sense to steer to the left.  Actually, once your speed reaches 10 mph or so, you steer a motorcycle by turning the opposite way you want the motorcycle to go, this is called counter steering. This is the fastest way to get a motorcycle to change its direction of travel and can help with avoiding an accident.

Here is a test you can try. Ride down a straight road and rest your palms on the handlebars. Next, push gently on the LH handlebar which will turn the handlebars to the right. You will see that your motorcycle will turn to the left with very little pressure applied. Practice this along with leaning and you’re riding skills will quickly improve.

Another quick fact. Focus your eyes where you want to go and your motorcycle will track in that direction. This is called target fixation. Look towards the path you want to take instead of the obstacle in front of you. Your chances of successfully avoiding any potential obstacle in front of you will be much better and you will be practicing defensive driving. Ride Safe!