OuterArmor by Commercial Sewing has been making cooler bags, storage bags, and document bags since the early 80’s for our marine and powersport customers but we have been expanding our division lead by engineer, Sean Kinne. In keeping with current market trends of compression molded and waterproof bags for snowmobiles, boats, PWC, ATVs, and UTVs we have worked hard to design market-leading OEM products. What is different about a compression molded storage bag?

Essentially, it’s made with thermoset PU laminated EVA Foam parts that are very lightweight, yet extremely durable and highly water resistant that also look better than your traditional bag. The 4mm-10mm EVA foam parts are heated and compressed between a set of matched dies to give it shape. This method is used to manufacture everything from backpacks and luggage to car interiors. The material is perfect for outdoor use considering it is highly UV resistant, water resistant and soft enough to bend but not break on impact like plastic.

The design process starts with 3-D CAD of the desired bag location. This can be inside of a cab door, behind a PWC or ATV seat, or even the T-top of a center console fishing boat. We consider the mounting area and space around it to ensure that the bag will integrate in an aesthetically pleasing manner while considering space and access for the operator of the vehicle or boat. We can integrate branding and various features from Velcro straps, clips, hooks, mesh pockets, clear touch-screen films, foam padding and just about anything you can dream up to make your product stand out! Maximizing space and developing cool stuff is what we enjoy doing most, so send us your ideas and we can turn them into reality.

Contact Sean Kinne to get your bag project started. Skinne@commercialsewing.com